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Documentary photography in Latin America and other Latino countries. May these photos inspire you to pick your travel destinations.

cusco main traveling destination
Cusco City


Situated on the western coast of South America, Peru is home to more than 32 million people, nearly half of whom are of Amerindian descent.

La Paz Bolivia urban life
La Paz Bolivia


A population of just more than 11 million and covering around 425,000 square miles of land, Bolivia is one of the more sparsely populated countries.

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screw building panama
Screw Building Panama City


My visit to Panama was mainly to get to know more about the coffee farms in Chiriqui. There are plenty of nature and beaches you can visit.

Walking in Montevideo Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay


I got to Montevideo by mistake. My flight got cancelled, so I had to stay over one night for the next flight going to New York City. Learn about Uruguay today.

Costa Rica travel destinations
Costa Rica beach town

Costa Rica

Pura Vida” is a popular expression in Costa Rica that can be translated as “pure life” or “simple life.”

Dominican Republic coffee Santiago
Dominican Republic ‘Monumento’ in Santiago

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is emerging as a rising star in the specialty coffee world, boasting several distinct regions that contribute to its vibrant coffee culture.

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Buenos Aires Argentina Obelisco
Buenos Aires, Argentina Obelisco


Argentina is a vibrant and diverse country located in the southern part of South America. Learn more about Argentina.


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