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Dominican Republic

The story of democracy and representative government in the Dominican Republic is a thrilling one, symbolic of the constant struggle between those who would horde power for themselves and those who would distribute it justly. To visit the Dominican Republic is to experience this history for yourself.

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In the mountainous regions of this beautiful country, arabica coffee dominates the coffee industry, which is based mainly in the highland regions of the island. First introduced to the island in 1715, coffee is today the cropped favored by farmers throughout the country.

If you want to see just what Dominican culture stands for, check out the National Palace in the capital. Governed by a strong, multi-party political system, this country holds elections every two years and presidential elections every four years, a system that Americans will find familiar.

Across most of the landscape, though, warm, humid air is the norm. Constanza Valley, Los Haitises National park, the Caribbean Coastal Plain, these are the landscapes you are likely to see printed on a postcard and sold in Santo Domigo.