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Curiosity and hunger to knowledge brings me to different countries in the world.

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Traveling with a purpose

I grew up in a Latin American country and I know very well what it feels like to live in a country that offers no hope of progress. I think that Latin America should be one of the main regions of the world since we have everything we need in our countries. But, for reasons that many of us already know, others enjoy all the natural resources that exist throughout Latin America. For this and more reasons the idea of building cocotu.com to show how beautiful Latin America is through Specialty Coffee. Read more…

Sorting Coffee Beans Manually Idma Peru
Cocotu with Coffee Farm Owner Jose Morveli Huillcar in Peru


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Cusco cocotu latin america coffee
Road from Cusco to Quillabamba in Peru

My Journey

The goal that I want to achieve through cocotu.com is to connect all coffee farmers and producers in Latin America and possibly other regions of the world. Using this network, each coffee grower will be able to create an account to share photos, ideas, products with the general public and also with other members of the Latin American coffee community in general.

Contact me if you have any questions or like to collaborate.

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