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Panama City, Panama Modern Architecture

cocotu panama fandf tower

The architecture in Panama City in Panama is outstanding. I did not know this cool city has so many modern skyscrapers and super modern architecture. I felt the economy in this country was outstanding, even though there are many poor neighborhoods around these fancy buildings (as usual in many countries!).

Coffee production first sprang up in Panama in the early 1900s. At that time, though, there was wild coffee throughout the Pacific Ocean side of Panama. It was the Boquete Valley that stood up to lead the burgeoning industry. Pioneering arabica coffee, which the International Coffee Organization today recognizes as some of the highest quality in the world. Panama honey processed coffee is one of the preferred by many coffee lovers due to its caramel and dark chocolate notes.

panama fandf tower and Cocotu
Cocotu viewing F&F Tower in Panama
F&F Tower Panama
F&F Tower in Panama
Panama cat enjoying the ocean pier
Street cat at pier in Panama City
Boy sitting by pier surrounded by Modern architecture
Kid taking a break by pier in Panama
Modern architecture Building
Modern architecture by fish market in Panama
Downtown Panama City traffic
Downtown Panama City traffic
Colonial architecture
Colonial architecture in Panama still remains

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