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Villa Sarchí Coffee Variety

Villa Sarchi coffee varietalmug

Regarding coffee varieties, the Villa Sarchí coffee variety stands out for being a natural genetic variation from the Bourbon coffee varietal type. It is quite small in size and is characterized by medium-sized leaves, a fairly robust and strong root system, with short spaces between the branches and a uniform and late maturation of its seeds.

The Villa Sarchí grain is medium or small and round in shape, and offers a medium productivity for the coffee industry. The note of this type of seed stands out for having a fairly elegant acidity, with some intense fruity notes and a sweetness that is not found in other variations. It originated in the Costa Rican city of the same name as one of the first choices when it comes to organic farming.

The aroma and the cup of the Villa Sarchí coffee variety stands out for having hints of walnut, mandarin and wet pipe tobacco, once the consumption of this is finished, it generates a light syrup flavor on the palate and has an excellent profitability in what regarding the coffee Industry today.

It also stands out for growing quite well without any type of intervention and in spaces with few nutrients, making its sowing in the country of Costa Rica quite profitable. It adapts to high altitudes and is very tolerant to strong winds as its coffee tree originated in the humid forests of Ethiopia and southern Sudan, currently being cultivated in many parts of the world.

Among all these characteristics we must mention that it has elliptical green and bright leaves, as well as beautiful white flowers in juxtaposition of its purple and yellow fruits. It is generally used in the production of liqueurs, flavorings and as a very powerful and delicious source of caffeine. Being a compact element that adapts very well anywhere, giving good quality in a moderate yield.

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