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Pura Vida! Visit Costa Rica

Pura vida Costa Rica sunset

“Pura Vida” is a popular expression in Costa Rica that can be translated as “pure life” or “simple life.” It is a way of expressing the laid-back, easy-going attitude that is common in Costa Rican culture. Essentially, it means to enjoy life to the fullest, to take things easy, and to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. It can also be used as a greeting, a farewell, or a way to express gratitude. Overall, This saying represents a positive, optimistic outlook on life and a celebration of the beauty and joy of living.

Costa Rica Pura Vida meanings

This is a versatile term that can be used in a variety of situations. Here are some examples of when you might use the expression:

  • As a greeting or farewell: When you meet someone in Costa Rica, you can say “Pura Vida” to greet them or say goodbye. It’s a friendly way to acknowledge the other person and express goodwill.
  • To express gratitude: If someone does something nice for you or helps you out, you can say “Pura Vida” to thank them and show your appreciation.
  • To describe a relaxed or easy-going attitude: If you’re feeling laid-back and carefree, you might say “Pura Vida” to describe your mood.
  • To describe the Costa Rican way of life: “Pura Vida” is often used to describe the Costa Rican lifestyle, which is characterized by a love of nature, a focus on family and community, and a relaxed, easy-going attitude.

Overall, “Pura Vida” is a positive, versatile expression that can be used in many different contexts to express goodwill, gratitude, and a positive outlook on life.

Juan Antonio beach sunset in Costa Rica
People sitting at beach Costa Rica
Hotel in the mountains
Visitors riding bike in Samara beach
Motorcycle on way to Samara
Pura vida dog relaxing
Pura vida Costa Rican dog
Beach view from mountain
Arenal volcano view
Arenal volcano view from coffee farm
Coffee farm near Arenal volcano
Pura vida cabin by Arenal volcano
Cabin at Arenal volcano
Pura vida Cimarron in San Jose Costa Rica
Cimarron carnival in San Jose
Pura vida horses eating grass
Horses eating grass

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