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Specialty Coffee in Honduras

coffee farm Finca Perseverancia in Honduras

Honduras has the title of having a very distinguished Specialty Coffee from Latin America countries. It promotes activities of its production. Specialty Coffee in Honduras occupies the 5th place worldwide of the largest producer in the Central America region. In turn, Honduras occupies the 3rd place in Latin America for coffee production.

This makes it outstanding in the coffee industry, since it also has a population of small producers. It hosts the 2021 Producer & Roaster Forum, which brought together 1000 producers and coffee professionals around the world.

These characteristics make Honduras coffee very special Latin American coffee in the world. Considering that decades ago it was almost non-existent, it is valuable to know the history of how this nation evolved to become one of the best coffee producers on the globe.

Honduran coffee has its first records in the year 1778, when it entered the country from Guatemala. This potential seedbed attracted the attention of many foreigners. Highlighting that in 1804 a report was sent to the Kings of Spain in which its characteristics were exalted, and aroused the interest of curious people. The coffee production was very familiar and a small portion sold to third parties.

In the mid-twentieth century, the Specialty Coffee industry in Latin America Honduras started. Farms became more technologically advanced and created the “Coffee Office” promoting coffee growing in the country. Later, the Honduran Association of Coffee Producers was created and promoted in other provinces.

It currently has a production of 9.4 million quintals, contributing to the economic stability of the country, participating in 23.4% of export earnings. Its performance and exceptionalism continue to be outstanding values ​​in its characteristics as well as improved genetic implementations. Also, making it resistant to coffee rust(La Roya) and other important diseases in crops. Main coffee varietals in Honduras are Catuai, Lempira and Villasarchi.

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