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El Salvador Specialty Coffee Origins

El Salvador specialty coffee

Coffee is a very important bean in the lands of El Salvador and around the world. As it is one of the favorite drinks when it comes to breakfast every morning, thus giving it a variety of flavors and sensations from its preparation and distillate. El Salvador specialty coffee has become internationally recognized.

Relevant facts about El Salvador Specialty Coffee

It could be said that it is the golden grain of many people for its properties and for the number of people who are captivated by its flavor. Coming from Ethiopia, it was taken to El Salvador in the mid-eighteenth century, given by Captain General Gerardo Barrios, bringing the plant from the east of the planet.

In the municipality of Ciudad Barrios and the Gavidia farm, the first coffee threshing machines were planted, having a large circle, bordered by a wall which allowed adequate growth. There it was expanding to the rest of the municipality reaching to be sown in other places, being sown, harvested and obtained in places like Berlin, Santiago de María and many others.

Over the years, the main companies for the treatment of coffee were born, using processing factories of foreign origin and cooperatives for those who had a coffee farm in the municipalities. In this way, a world-renowned coffee has been generated, giving quintals per year in Europe, with the support of international quality seals and quality production standards and good processes.

El Salvador with respect to the Special Coffee of Latin America stands out for having a fairly demanding classification system, which meets particularities such as being cleaned by hand, processed with fresh water, its collection and the percentage of defective beans and the average humidity of the crops, thus generating a gourmet standard that is sold abroad in special jars and distinguished with Pacamara varieties, Maragogipe and Bourbon.

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