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Manual Coffee Roasting at Home Using a Pot

Manual coffee roasting at home

Manual coffee roasting, also known as artisanal roasting, is the process of roasting coffee beans by hand rather than using an automated roasting machine. This method requires a high level of skill and attention to detail, but can produce exceptional results that highlight the unique qualities of each coffee bean.

To manually roast coffee beans, the beans are typically heated in a pan or drum over an open flame or hot surface. The roaster must carefully monitor the temperature and time to ensure the beans are roasted to the desired level. During the roasting process, the beans will crack and release oils, which contribute to the flavor and aroma of the final product.

Manual coffee roasting allows for greater control over the roasting process, allowing the roaster to tailor the roast to the specific bean and desired flavor profile. This method can also result in a more consistent roast, as the roaster can adjust the temperature and time throughout the process.

While manual coffee roasting requires more time and effort than automated roasting methods, it can result in a truly unique and exceptional cup of coffee that highlights the nuances of the beans.

Roasting coffee on a pot at home
Roasting coffee on a pot

Manual coffee roasting can be useful when you don’t have a choice and you want to learn the coffee roasting process. You will need a real hot pot on about 360F and keep stirring the beans non-stop until you hear the ‘cracks’. The cracks usually start at about 10-15min depending on the coffee bean profile you’re trying.

Roasted coffee beans uneven roasted
Coffee beans roasted on a pot

As you can see the roasting of these beans did not come out even. This can be due to many reasons. The coffee bean size, temperature, how much did you stir the coffee beans, etc. Always pre-heat your cooking pot before you start the coffee roasting process at home.

After manual roasting coffee, let the coffee beans rest for about 1 day. Then grind them using your favorite coffee grinder and enjoy while coding with coffee or watching your favorite TV show.

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