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Chat with Raul Coffee Roaster from Quillabamba, Peru

raul coffee roaster
Chat with Raul coffee roaster in Quillabamba, Peru

In this video series I chat with Raul master coffee roaster. Raul connected directly from his coffee producing facility in Quillabamba. Quillabamba is located in Cusco, Peru. Raul talks about the delicate and time consuming coffee roasting. He roasts coffee beans from farms located around Quillabamba and many times he purchases green coffee directly from coffee farmers. You can find Raul Coffee Roaster from Quillabamba at FB Kaffee 3 Granos.

To learn more about Peruvian coffee and culture you can tap here and to learn more about Latin America coffee. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Also, like my video if you find this information useful. Thanks!

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