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Finca Gallito de Las Rocas in Amazonas, Peru

Coffee cherry picking

At Finca Gallito de las Rocas, we have coffee plantations, each grain of our coffee represents the love and passion for this fruit. Transmitted and inherited through many generations of coffee growers from our family since 1972. They have cultivated and cared for each coffee plant with a lot of effort. Our family has integrated a sustainable management system to conserve the quality of the coffee crops. Having as allies the right micro climates between 1600 MASL. to 1800 MASL. and temperatures that range from 17ºC to 32ºC (approx 62F to 89F).

We are thankful for the dedicated work of Mrs. Luz Angelica Espinoza and her husband, Spanish citizen Mr. Pablo Santos. They reside in Omia, as well as all the coffee growers committed to providing quality coffee to the world.

It’s worth noting that coffee is being promoted under the brand “LA COLPA,” a name derived from one of the most touristy areas in Rodriguez de Mendoza – Omia, known as the “AGUAS TERMALES DE TOCUYA” or also referred to as “La Colpa”. The aim is to encourage tourism through our coffee.

Location of our coffee farm:
Sector Omia, distrito de Omia, provincia de
Rodríguez de Mendoza, región de Amazonas, Perú

Coffee varieties that grow in the farm:

Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Catimor and Gheisa.

Phone numbers:

LIMA – Alejandro Frassinetti – 9707 88531

AMAZONAS -Luz Angélica Espinoza – 917 162 284

AMAZONAS -Pablo Santos – 963 307 599

Below are some images of Finca Gallito de las Rocas. Hope you like them. If you have any questions or want to collaborate with you can always contact me. Also, remember to check out my coffee accessories shop.

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