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What is Coffee and How is it Made

What is coffee

Coffee is made from the seeds (commonly called “beans”) of the coffee plant, which is a tropical tree. The coffee production process involves several key steps:

Planting: The seeds are planted in shaded beds and then transplanted into individual pots before being planted in the fields. It takes 3-4 years for newly planted bushes to start bearing fruit.

Harvesting: The fruit of the plant, called “cherries”, turn from green to red when ripe. Cherries are harvested either by hand-picking the ripe ones or by machine harvesting. This is a labor-intensive process as cherries ripen at different times.

Processing: There are two main processing methods – dry processing and wet processing. Dry processing involves drying the whole coffee cherries in the sun, while wet processing removes the fruit pulp through fermentation and washing before drying.

Milling: The dried beans (still with their outer layers) undergo a milling process to remove the remaining skin and pulp. This includes hulling, polishing, cleaning, sorting and grading the beans.

Roasting: The green beans are then roasted at high temperatures, which develops their flavor and aroma. The degree of roasting affects the final taste of the cup.

Grinding: Finally, the roasted beans are ground into a fine powder that can be brewed into the drink we consume.

What is coffee the process

The entire process from planting the seeds to brewing the final cup of can take 4-5 years. The production is a major industry, especially in developing countries, that provides income for millions of households worldwide.

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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages globally, with over 2 billion cups consumed daily. The coffee plant is native to Ethiopia and grows best in tropical and subtropical regions. After harvesting, the cherries undergo complex processing to extract the precious beans, which are then roasted to develop their distinctive flavors. From farm to cup, the journey of coffee is a testament to the skill and dedication of growers, processors, and roasters worldwide.

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