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Coffee Farmer Video Hard Work in Cusco

coffee farm in Latin America

A coffee farmer carrying a bag full of dried coffee beans weighting about 45 kilos. It takes great effort to produce a great cup of coffee.

Coffee farmer carrying coffee uphill.

Walking on these coffee farms at about 1800 MASL is a blessing. The specialty coffee is run an owned by families that have been living in this region for generations.

In the lush valleys of Peru, a symphony of empathy and resilience plays out among the hardworking coffee farmers who toil tirelessly under the scorching sun. These dedicated individuals pour their hearts into every coffee bean they cultivate, their unwavering commitment evident in their daily struggles and triumphs. With unwavering determination, they labor from dawn till dusk, their hands weathered and calloused from years of nurturing the coffee plants that bear the fruits of their labor. Through the challenges they face, their spirit remains unyielding, their passion undeterred.

Their sacrifices are often unseen, but their impact reverberates through the lives they touch, as they provide for their families and communities. Their selflessness is unwavering, as they prioritize the welfare of their crops, the preservation of the land, and the sustainability of their craft. In their unwavering pursuit of excellence, they embody the true essence of empathy and inspire us to cherish every sip of coffee, knowing that it represents the dedication and resilience of these unsung heroes. With gratitude in our hearts, let us honor the hardworking coffee farmers of Peru, whose unwavering spirit and empathetic nature continue to shape the world of coffee and touch our lives with each comforting cup we savor.

High grown coffee from Idma region located in Cusco, Peru. This farm has a river running between it and is super steep as you can see in the video. Compared to walking in New York City this is very rough walk!

Arabica coffee is the specialty in Peru. A top-20 producer of the coffee beans, Peru has a strong reputation for excellent roasts and for ethical sourcing. Whereas other countries have faced criticism for their failure to ensure fair business practices, Peru’s CENFROCAFGE cooperative has united more than 80 farmers’ associations in order to guarantee 92% organic production and 100% Fair Trade certification. Overall, the demand for Peruvian coffee has risen drastically in recent years because of these efforts.

Coffee production in Peru is an important source of income and employment and in many countries in Latin America. Coffee is one of the main agricultural exports in several countries in the region and contributes significantly to the local economy.

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