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Coffee taster flavor wheel according to SCAA

Coffee taster flavor wheel

Coffee taster flavor wheel above is the latest release of the coffee taster’s flavor wheel according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Take a look and download a copy for reference.

Originally published in 1995, one of the most iconic resources in the coffee industry, the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel, has been the industry standard for over two decades. In 2016, this valuable resource was updated in collaboration with World Coffee Research (WCR). Since its initial release, climates have shifted and growing has changed. In a unified effort, SCAA joined forces with World Coffee Research (WCR) to develop a new, updated lexicon. WCR tapped the sensory scientists at Kansas State University’s Sensory Analysis Center and after a year of research, the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon was developed.

Coffee taster flavor wheel
Coffee taster flavor wheel

Starting with Ted Lingles flavor wheel developed two decades ago several other useful wheels have been developed. So why develop our own aroma wheel, when there are already a couple of great flavor wheels existing.

The Coffee Taster Flavor Wheel is a valuable tool used by coffee professionals and enthusiasts to describe and categorize the diverse flavors and aromas found in coffee. Developed by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), it provides a standardized language for discussing and evaluating the sensory attributes of coffee. The wheel consists of different flavor categories, such as fruity, floral, nutty, and chocolate, which are further broken down into specific flavor descriptors. By using the flavor wheel, coffee tasters can enhance their ability to discern and communicate the nuances of coffee flavors, promoting a deeper appreciation and understanding of this beloved beverage.


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