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Typica Coffee Varietal Facts

Typica coffee varietal mug

Among the infinities of coffee, the Typica coffee plant varietal is quite well known since it is the basis by which different varieties of coffee have been generated. It has within its production some large and elongated grains that ripen quickly and in a uniform way, its notes give us a refreshing and sweet cup, and being of high quality it is a delicacy to consume.

It is noteworthy that the Typica coffee varietal variants do not have excellent productivity compared to other types of seed, but it is the progenitor of many popular species today. The flavor has quite complex floral and fruity notes, which are summarized in a sweet and quite clean sensation, with the potential to reach an excellent quality when its structure is properly managed.

The location of the Typica variant is present in the main coffee-growing areas of the world, since its first species were found in Ethiopia, and they were transported to Yemen, then to India, then to Indonesia and took boats to Amsterdam, where it was shared in France and the colonies of South America, including Suriname and French Guiana, until reaching the north of Brazil.

With the passage of time, this important variant made its way to places in Central and South America such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Cuba until it established itself in Central America as one of the main coffee-growing places of this variant, later reaching Africa, Asia and America.

This gives us the conclusion that the Typica variant is present all over the world with different variations or attributes of each place, and is the place of origin for other seeds that with their flavors and charms of notes vibrate us a coffee experience that does not have precedents and worth trying, over and over again.

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