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Latin America Countries Independence Dates

Latin America map and countries

Many times I tend to forget our Latin America countries independence dates. Most specialty coffee regions are here. After so many NYC moments I still have the desire to visit all these Latino countries in the list below.

Latin America, a region pulsating with vibrant cultures and resilient spirits, stands as a testament to the indomitable human will. From the rhythmic beats of its music to the kaleidoscope of its landscapes, each country weaves a unique tapestry of history and heritage.

Amid challenges, Latin America embraces diversity, fostering a rich mosaic of traditions that echo the resilience of its people. In the face of adversity, the continent’s spirit soars, drawing strength from the echoes of ancient civilizations and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Latin America, a symphony of perseverance, creativity, and boundless hope, continues to inspire the world with its unwavering vitality.

Below is a brief list of countries and their independence dates. I hope you like it. Let me know if I’m missing something.

Latin America Independence countries dates

Argentina: July 9 (Declaration of Independence in 1816)

Bolivia: August 6 (Declaration of Independence in 1825)Chile: September 18 (First Government Junta in 1810)

Colombia: July 20 (Declaration of Independence in 1810) – August 7 (Independence recognized in 1819)

Costa Rica: September 15 (Independence Day in 1821)

Cuba: May 20 (Independence Day from Spain in 1902)

Dominican Republic: February 27 (Independence Day from Haiti in 1844)

Ecuador: August 10 (First declaration of independence in 1809) – May 24 (Independence recognized in 1822)

El Salvador: September 15 (Independence Day in 1821)

Guatemala: September 15 (Independence Day in 1821)

Honduras: September 15 (Independence Day in 1821)

Mexico: September 16 (Grito de Dolores in 1810) – September 27 (Independence recognized in 1821)

Nicaragua: September 15 (Independence Day in 1821)

Panama: November 28 (Independence from Spain in 1821, later joined Gran Colombia. November 3 from Colombia in 1903)

Paraguay: May 14-15 (Independence Day in 1811)

Peru: July 28 (Independence Day in 1821)

Puerto Rico: Cession from Spain in April 11, 1899

Venezuela: July 5

Chile: September 18

Uruguay: August 25

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