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Latin America Coffee Farms in Chiriqui Panama

Baby coffee plants growing in Chiriqui Panama

I have visited many places in Latin America and still need to visit many more. Coffee farms Chiriqui Panama are located near the border of Costa Rica in Chiriqui. It takes about 3 hours to reach this city by car driving from Panama City, Panama.

Coffee production first sprang up in Panama in the early 1900s. At that time, though, there was wild coffee throughout the Pacific Ocean side of Panama. It was the Boquete Valley that stood up to lead the burgeoning industry. Pioneering arabica coffee, which the International Coffee Organization today recognizes as some of the highest quality in the world. Panama honey processed coffee is one of the preferred by many coffee lovers due to its caramel and dark chocolate notes.

Coffee farm Don Vicente Chiriqui Panama
Coffee farm Don Vicente Chiriqui Panama

This farm grows mainly Caturra, Bourbon and some Geisha coffee varieties. There are some old Bourbon coffee plants that still produce great quality coffee cherries. These plants are over 10 years old and harvest once a year. Coffee farms Chiriqui Panama are situated around the same region, but I had the pleasure to visit my friends farm Finca Don Vicente. This is a family owned farm which has been running for generations.

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Coffee Farm Pictures in Chiriqui, Panama

panama caturra washed coffee

I will be posting more coffee farm pictures during this week about coffee farms I have visited in Latin America. This post its only part of a series of pictures I took at many Latin America coffee farms. If you like you can grab the Panama coffee mug and show your support. Perfect mug to take to work and code with coffee if you’re a developer.

Coffee Farm Pictures Chiriqui  Panama
Coffee Farm Pictures Chiriqui Panama
Cows at coffee farm in Chiriqui
Cows at coffee farm in Chiriqui

I enjoy taking pictures of coffee farms in Latin America. The idea is to show you where Cocotu’s coffee comes from. I also like to show you the hard work it takes to produce a great cup of specialty coffee and why it’s worth the price.

View coffee farm in Chiriqui
View coffee farm in Chiriqui
Coffee tree Caturra variety in Chiriqui
Coffee tree at coffee farm in Chiriqui
Soil with no chemicals at farm
Soil with no chemicals at coffee farm Chiriqui

For most, the above image means nothing. But, this means a lot when grading a coffee farm’s use of chemicals. As you can see little plants are growing one the soil, there are also insects like ants and worms hanging out. If a coffee farm is heavily under pesticide use you would not see life on the ground under the coffee trees.

Coffee tree with cherries at farm Chiriqui Panama
Coffee tree with cherries at farm Chiriqui Panama
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Quillabamba coffee region in Peru pictures

Quillabamba region in Cusco Peru

Quillabamba is a coffee region about 4 hours away by car from Cusco. This coffee region is at the ‘ceja de selva’ means at the border of the jungle. I visited some coffee farms over there together with my friend Raul from Kaffee 3 Granos. Raul showed me the entire coffee process from harvesting to producing a great cup of specialty coffee.

See some of the pictures of Quillabamba’s night life to the beautiful landscapes this coffee region has.

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How to remove coffee pulp from cherries

How to remove coffee pulp

This was a magical experience when I visited this coffee farm in Quillabamba, Cusco in Peru. Watch the videos below where we used a rustic machine made in Peru to remove the coffee pulp from these juicy cherries.

This farm is located a 1800 MASL in Quellouno town which is part of the municipally city of Quillabamba. Quillabamba is a coffee region in Cusco and its located about 4-5 hours by car away from the main Cusco city. Let me know if you have any questions and/or if you like to get coffee from these farms.

Removing coffee pulp machine
Rustic machine to remove coffee pulp in Peru
Removing coffee pulp and sorting coffee beans
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Quillabamba Coffee Town in Cusco, Peru

Quillabamba coffee town

Quillabamba coffee town is an unexpected tropical getaway full of waterfalls, delicious coffee and cacao and fresh air. Located in the high jungle (ceja de selva) of the Cusco region. Quillabamba is also known as the city of eternal Summer/Spring for its year-round tropical climate.

Many of the regions that surround Quillabamba coffe town is Santa Ana, Idma, Echarati, Maranura, Quellouno and more amazing coffee regions. These coffee regions families own beautiful coffee farms.

Quillabamba daily life
On way to coffee production site
Carefully inspecting coffee quality at Kaffee 3 Granos in Quillabamba
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Quellouno Coffee Farm Videos in Cusco Peru

quellouno coffee farm cocotu

This coffee farm in Quellouno is about 1800 MASL. It was difficult to adapt to the altitude this early in the morning. Some got altitude sickness ‘Soroche’. This is a common experience from rapid transitions from low to high altitude without taking time to acclimate. We started chewing coca leaves to help us. It works! My friend Raul from Kaffee 3 Granos couldn’t handle it even though he lives in a nearby town Quillabamba.

Removing coffee pulp from coffee cherries

The coffee farm is surrounded by other trees such as bananas, pears and many more typical fruit plants from the region. We got the chance to walk to other coffee farms located in the region. I will post more pictures about this experience very soon.

Sorting coffee beans in Quellouno, Peru

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Cusco to Quillabamba on way to Coffee Farms in Videos

Cusco cocotu latin america coffee

Traveling from Cusco to Quillabamba is a must see at least once in your life time.

Quillabamba is a city in southern Peru. It is the capital of the province of La Convencion, the largest province in the region of Cusco. It is located in an area called the ceja de selva (border of jungle). Agriculture is the most important activity, mainly coffee, cocoa, tea and cocoa.

Road from Cusco to coffee farms in Quillabamba
On way to Quillabamba from Cusco
Quillabamba city
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Coffee Farmer Video Hard Work in Cusco

Sorting Coffee Beans Manually Idma Peru

A coffee farmer carrying a bag full of dried coffee beans weighting about 45 kilos. It takes great effort to produce a great cup of coffee. Learn more about Latin America culture and coffee at

Coffee farmer carrying coffee uphill.

Walking on these coffee farms at about 1800 MASL is a blessing. The specialty coffee is run an owned by families that have been living in this region for generations.

High grown coffee from Idma region located in Cusco, Peru. This farm has a river running between it and is super steep as you can see in the video.

Arabica coffee is the specialty in Peru. A top-20 producer of the coffee beans, Peru has a strong reputation for excellent roasts and for ethical sourcing. Whereas other countries have faced criticism for their failure to ensure fair business practices, Peru’s CENFROCAFGE cooperative has united more than 80 farmers’ associations in order to guarantee 92% organic production and 100% Fair Trade certification. Overall, the demand for Peruvian coffee has risen drastically in recent years because of these efforts.