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Pura Vida!

Pura vida Costa Rica sunset

Life is never easy, especially in New York City. Walking just two blocks, you may witness anxiety, grief, homelessness, and more uniquely human burdens. In order to not be weighed down by our struggles, we need to be able to celebrate the simpler things in life. This is the essence of the Costa Rican saying, pura vida.

Lady at beach in Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio beach sunset in Costa Rica
People sitting at beach Costa Rica
Hotel in the mountains
Visitors riding bike in Samara beach
Motorcycle on way to Samara
Pura vida dog relaxing
Pura vida Costa Rican dog
Beach view from mountain
Arenal volcano view
Arenal volcano view from coffee farm
Coffee farm near Arenal volcano
Pura vida cabin by Arenal volcano
Cabin at Arenal volcano
Pura vida Cimarron in San Jose Costa Rica
Cimarron carnival in San Jose
Pura vida horses eating grass
Horses eating grass

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