Peruvian Machu Picchu Coffee Pack


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Exclusive offer which includes 4 single origin coffee packs!
These Peruvian single origins include regions from Cochapampa, Maranura, Idma and a ‘Blend of Blends’ (a blend of all single origins).
Package size
225g / Whole beans
Roast type
For better appreciation of coffee notes this pack is Medium roast

* Read the description below to learn more about the coffee notes for each region.

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* To fully appreciate coffee notes all coffee is medium roasted.

Blend of Blends: This is a blend of all single origins coffee from Quillabamba region. Medium-dark roast. Great with milk, espresso or americano. Full body. Citrus, chocolate and nutty.

Cochapampa: Amazing just black or espresso. Full body, fruity, nutty/cocoa.

Maranura: Aromatic and balanced body. Perfect to enjoy black with a bit of brown sugar. Floral with notes of nutmeg and almonds.

Idma: Sensational fragrance and aromas. Notes of sugar cane and chocolate. Great with milk or cream.

Weight 250 g

Whole beans


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