PANAMA – Santa Clara Chiriqui

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Coffee from this Panamanian coffee farms is characterized by being exotic, aromatic and balanced. Fruity, citrus and floral notes.

Cherry, Orange and Jasmine

Package size
250g (8.81oz)
Roast type
Medium Roast
Whole beans
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This coffee comes from Finca Don Vicente. A completely Eco-Friendly farm. Organic fertilizers are used and produced inside the farm with the leftovers of the coffee cherry pulp. Rainwater is used to wash the cherries, pre-select the grains, and finally perform the pulping tasks.

Coffee is sun dried on ‘African beds’. The dry grain husk is used to feed furnaces that send heat to dryers, reducing the use of wood by 50%. The regular sowing of the ‘Poró’ and ‘Guabo de Bejuco’ trees is vital to the coffee plantations in this region of Panama due to the contribution of nitrogen to the soil.

Weight 250 g

Whole beans



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