DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Specialty Coffee Subscription 2 bags

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Grown in the high mountains of Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Surrounded by a rich diversity of plant and animal life.

Elevation: 800 – 1500 MASL

Variety: Typica and Caturra

Method: Washed

Region: Jarabacoa

Notes: Nutty, Floral, Cocoa

Package size 336g (12oz). Picture shows 225 grams. This is a printing error.
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Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic coffee farm

Dominican Republic Specialty Coffee in brief

Dominican Republic specialty coffee lives in the Jarabacoa region. Arabica coffee dominates the coffee industry. Dominican Republic specialty coffee is based mainly in the highland regions of the island. First introduced to the island in 1715, coffee is today the crop favored by farmers throughout the country.

The climate is decidedly tropical in Dominican Republic, tropical cyclones hitting the country every couple of years, the majority along the southern coast.

Buying this product, you are contributing to maintain a clean atmosphere through reforestation programs. Finca Belarminio also contributes to children’s education in the city of Jarabacoa by sponsoring school’s programs.

From November to January, the wet season brings torrential rainfalls, and in the mountainous areas, cold temperatures are possible. Across most of the landscape, though, warm, humid air is the norm. Constanza Valley, Los Haitises National Park, the Caribbean Coastal Plain, these are the landscapes you are likely to see printed on a postcard and sold in Santo Domingo.

Weight 672 g


Whole bean


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