BOLIVIA – From Nor and Sud Yungas

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Organic coffee from Yungas, Bolivia. Whole bean to maintain coffee freshness. Read more about where this coffee is from in the blog.

Cherry, Peach, Rose

Package size
Roast type
Light, Medium and Dark
Whole bean

Cayubo is a pure coffee made from grains grown in the Bolivian Yungas at a height of 1830 meters above sea level. It is an organic product and carefully selected for processing. In its presentation “American” you will find a soft and light body, in “European” moderate and medium body and in “Italian” strong and full body.

In the height altitude of Bolivia the shade of the siquilis; characteristic trees of the place that shelter coffee plantations. Its height and size of leaves provide great shade to the coffee trees. Also, the irrigation these coffee grains obtain is from the ice melting of the Illimani and the Mururata mountains. These mountains create several water streams that arrive at the coffee plantation zone. Therefore, this product becomes to be completely pure, natural and organic.

Weight 250 g

Suave(Light), Mediano(Medium), Fuerte(Dark)


Whole bean

7 reviews

  1. I had Medium Roast and it’s pretty good! It has smokey flavor and good about of bitterness. The flavor is deep enough to enjoy but no uncomfortable after taste. Absolutely no sourness so it is perfect for who doesn’t like sour coffee 🙂 awesome!!

  2. This is my most favorite coffee so far in Cocotu selection. Deep round flavor with full body. (although I had a light roast). I like some sugar in it to bring up more flavor.. Can’t wait the larger sizes will be provided.

  3. Delicious! Strong but smooth. With some half and half, it melts in your mouth.

  4. Great coffee! I just want the bigger package.

  5. This is a great place to discover and try “small batch” coffee straight from the farmers.

  6. Loved this stuff! Such a nice full body flavor but smooth. Perfect way to get the day started right!

  7. I had the chance to taste the Tostado americano en grano flavor. These light coffee beans are nothing like I’ve tasted. I enjoyed the smell, which was so powerful. I use to drink coffee that required me to grind them up often. Speaking of that you don’t waste any coffee in the grinding process. Anyways I stopped for a while, and I have to say this flavor brings back good times. I’ve been drinking this type of coffee ever since. Again I recieved the light flavor, but I’ll tell you it’s still so strong! I completely recommend!

    • Thank you for your review Viviana. You tried the ‘light roast’, this does not really means it should be ‘light’. It means you will feel more coffee notes and will not feel the ‘boldness’ of dark roasts.

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