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  • PERU – From Quillabamba Coffee Region Near Cusco


    Coffee from these regions are the result of a finely selected blend of coffee grains. Fine acidity, unique aroma and great balance. From Quillabamba Cusco, Peru.

    Chocolate, Walnuts, Lemon Beebrush

    Package size
    225g / Whole beans
    Roast type
    Medium dark
    2,220 meters above sea level

  • Peruvian Machu Picchu Coffee Pack


    Exclusive offer which includes 4 single origin coffee packs!
    These Peruvian single origins include regions from Cochapampa, Maranura, Idma and a ‘Blend of Blends’ (a blend of all single origins).
    Package size
    225g / Whole beans
    Roast type
    For better appreciation of coffee notes this pack is Medium roast

    * Read the description below to learn more about the coffee notes for each region.