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Dog Coffee Farm in Cusco, Peru happy to see us

Dogs coffee farm Cusco Peru

High grown coffee from Idma region located in Cusco, Peru. Dog from this coffee farm with a river running between it and is super steep as you can see in the video. I kept sliding all the time! You can see the water coming from higher in the mountain.

In Alto Canelon coffee farm in La Convencion province of Cusco. Farm is located at an elevation of about 2,300 meters above sea level. This classifies its coffee as a hight grown coffee. Learn more about Peruvian coffee and culture at this link. More dog coffee farm pictures coming soon.

If you like to try and code with coffee from this Peruvian farm you can grab it using this link.

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Coffee Beans Getting Ready for Roasting Video

Coffee bean hand picking

We are getting these coffee beans ready to roast  at Kaffee 3 Granos! Spent a few hours manually sorting coffee beans and unloading selected ones in the threshing machine for milling. These beans come from small farms around Quillabamba. Tomorrow we are roasting a ‘blend’ of all these coffee beans. 100% Arabica beans. Mainly Typica, Caturra and Catimor.