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Brew Better Coffee At Home

Home barista Chemex coffee mug

There are lots and lots of people who love coffee—and we’re not talking about the coffee that your parents or grandparents drank. Those big tins of ground coffee were stale and weak. We’re now talking about beans that come fresh from halfway across the globe, that you buy ground or whole coffee beans and take home, making one cup (not one pot) at a time. And that doesn’t even take into account all the different types of coffee drinks that can be had at shops across the country too.

    But while we might like our coffee, what we probably don’t like are the bills that come along with the coffee. Those fancy drinks don’t come for free, and that can be a big chunk of your eating out budget. But can you replicate that out-of-house coffee experience in your own kitchen? Yes, yes you can. This graphic gives you all the tips you need to know to get started.

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Manual Coffee Roasting at Home Using a Pot

Manual coffee roasting at home

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Roasting coffee on a pot at home
Roasting coffee on a pot

Manual coffee roasting can be useful when you don’t have a choice and you want to learn the coffee roasting process. You will need a real hot pot on about 360F and keep stirring the beans non-stop until you hear the ‘cracks’. The cracks usually start at about 10-15min depending on the coffee bean profile you’re trying.

Roasted coffee beans uneven roasted
Coffee beans roasted on a pot

As you can see the roasting of these beans did not come out even. This can be due to many reasons. The coffee bean size, temperature, how much did you stir the coffee beans, etc. Always pre-heat your cooking pot before you start the coffee roasting process at home.

After manual roasting coffee, let the coffee beans rest for about 1 day. Then grind them using your favorite coffee grinder and enjoy while coding with coffee or watching your favorite TV show.

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How to brew coffee using a Moka Pot video

Moka Pot

Video shows how to brew coffee using a Moka Pot at home. This procedure its been in used for decades in Latin America. But, it was never called “Espresso”. Its just called “home style” coffee brewing. This is how I grew up drinking coffee in Dominican Republic and still my favorite way of brewing coffee at home. You can grab many cool coffee mugs including a Dominican Republic coffee mug by tapping here.

This is my favorite coffee brewing method when coding with coffee.

Brew coffee using Moka Pot – Dominican coffee style greca.
Domincan Republic Coffee Mug Cocotu Cafe
Domincan Republic Coffee Mug Cocotu Cafe