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Kennedy Cat Park in Lima Peru

Cat park Kennedy Lima Peru

Kennedy cat park in Lima. Stray cats are found in this park right in the middle of Lima, Peru at Parque Kennedy. People from all over Lima come to relax at this park, read a book, chat with friends or just play with the friendly stray cats of the parque Kennedy.

This park is named after the American president John F. Kennedy. But, for many cat lovers this park is the best park in the world. For others, they feel there should not be as many cats wondering around right in the middle of the city.

White cat at cat park Kennedy Lima
White cat hanging around the park
white cat walking at cat park Kennedy Lima
Same guy was all over the park
cat sleeping at cat park Kennedy Lima
This cat didn’t care about pedestrians

Cats in Parque Kennedy are so used to people that they don’t care to take a nap right in the middle of the park where people walk by. Some cats appeared to be dead, but they were just napping right in the middle of the park. For cat lovers this is paradise. This park is located right in the middle of downtown lima is accessible by all forms of transportation.

cat sleeping at cat park Kennedy Lima
Another park resident
Cat napping
Cat sleeping at cat park Kennedy Lima
Lady reading at park
A book reader in the park

Come visit Lima whenever you’re in Peru. You will enjoy fantastic food, colonial architecture and great hospitality. I was in Lima about two years ago on my way to coffee farms in Quillabamba. Whenever you’re in Lima you must try fresh food at the city mercados. Share a table with a stranger and chat about anything from politics to sports and traveling.

Contact me if you have questions about Peruvian coffee and/or traveling to Peru.

Cat under statue park
Cat under statue park Kennedy Lima Peru

As always, contact me if you have any questions about going to Lima, Cusco and coffee farms in Latin America.

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