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Honduras coffee from Finca Perseverancia

honduras coffee farm

Check out new coffee farm pictures from this amazing coffee farm located in Teupasenti, El Paraiso in Honduras. Coffee profile from this farm is very interesting: Chocolate, citrus with a caramel finish. You can contact me if you want to buy coffee from this farm.

Over 90% of coffee farms in are owned by small groups of families. It creates lots of jobs during the harvest season.

Located in Teupasenti, Honduras. This beautiful farm has Catuai, Lempira and now Geisha coffee varieties! My friend Elmer has now a coffee roaster, so they can now roast their own coffee at the farm. Before they had to borrow someone else roaster. I like brewing this coffee at home and then take a walk around New York City unique architecture.

Teupasenti is a small town nestled in the lush green mountains of eastern Honduras, and it’s a place that holds a special place in my heart. The people here are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the sense of community is something that I’ve rarely experienced in other places.

One of the things that I love about Teupasenti is its natural beauty. The town is surrounded by stunning mountains and lush forests, and the air is fresh and crisp. It’s the perfect place for hiking and exploring, and there are so many hidden gems to discover.

The town itself is small, but it has a charm that’s hard to resist. The colorful houses and cobblestone streets give it a quaint, old-world feel, and the central park is a great place to sit and people-watch. The food here is also delicious, with lots of local specialties to try.

Overall, Teupasenti is a hidden gem in Honduras that’s well worth a visit. The natural beauty, welcoming people, and charming town center make it a place that’s sure to steal your heart.

Specialty Coffee Finca La Perseverancia
Coffee tree in Honduras farm
Coffee farm view in Teupasenti, Honduras
honduras coffee
A frog. Great signs of biodiversity meaning little or no pesticides are used in the farm.
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