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Finca La Camelia in Quindio, Colombia

Finca La Camelia Coffee Farm Mountains in Colombia

Fantastic Finca La Camelia in Quindio, Colombia. My friend Francisco from Cafe Los Nogales got his new coffee farm recently and shared these coffee farm photos with me.

Francisco Guitierrez, a coffee grower for 40 years.

22 years ago I bought my own coffee farm located in the municipality of Caicedonia, department of Valle del Cauca. For 20 years I cultivated it and took advantage of this beautiful farm. Two years ago a friend suggested that I sell it to him and with sadness I sold it in the hope of getting another farm that would also fulfill my expectations as a coffee grower.

Francisco Gutierrez from Finca La Camelia.

In this search Francisco found this paradise located in the mountains of the municipality of Génova in the department of Quindio. In a small village called La Primavera: there was La Camelia farm. A traditional coffee farm with about 37,000 coffee trees and with the possibility of planting more. The land on Finca La Camelia covers and extensive territory where approximately an equal amount of coffee trees can be planted.

This farm have coffee varieties such as: Colombia, Supremo, Castillo and Cenicafe 1.

This coffee farm is in spectacular conditions. It’s elevation is 1950 MASL. This creates a fine cup of coffee with fruity notes, caramel, bitter chocolate, with a balanced acidity.

Coffee from this farm will be available in the United States starting this week. Contact me if you have any questions and want to visit Finca La Camelia in Quindio. If you live in New York City we can also meet up and talk in person if you like.

Scroll down to see all the photos. You can tap on the photo to see a larger version.

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