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Finca El Palmito Huila, Colombia

Finca El Palmito is a Colombian family that produces Specialty Coffee. They produce coffee using various methods such as washed, natural and honey. They put a lot of effort thinking about coffee lovers, their community and the environment.

El Palmito coffee farm is located at more than 1,700 MASL in the mountains of Huila. This region is recognized worldwide for being the cradle of the highest quality coffees. For this reason, the coffee we produce is undoubtedly one of the best in the world.

Origin/Origen: Colombia
Region/Región: Huila
Farm/Finca: El Palmito
Altitude/Altitud: 1.700 MASL
Process: Washed, Natural and Honey
Sun-dried on raised beds

Finca El Palmito does direct trade. According to them in the conventional market there is no transparency in the fixing of prices. These are based on speculations happening in the stock trade based in New York. For this reason we have chosen the direct trade model of specialty coffees. It is fair for all: customers obtain an outstanding quality and our people a decent income.

Coffee plants on top of mountain
Coffee plants on mountain
Green coffee cherries
Green coffee beans
Finca El Palmito
Coffee trees at Finca El Palmito
Finca El Palmito
Mountain view at coffee farm

What makes Finca El Palmito so special?

The quality of their coffee is the result of an ideal farm location. The right infrastructure and their adherence to best practices in harvesting and processing methods below:

1. Cherry picking in optimal ripening conditions
2. Selection of the best cherries manually and by floating in water.
3. Fermentation with controlled time and temperature.
4. Washing with pristine mountain water. (For washed coffees)
5. Natural drying in the sun in a controlled environment in raised beds.
6. Selection through coffee cupping of each micro lot.

Finca El Palmito in Colombia is a sanctuary of coffee magic. Nestled amidst lush greenery, it emanates a serene aura that enchants visitors. Explore the captivating coffee fields and let the aroma of freshly brewed beans awaken your senses.

Below is some contact information for this farm. You can also contact me if you have any questions.


Cel: 3003606910

Instagram: palmitocoffee

Facebook: palmito coffee

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