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Coffee Harvest Honduras Finca Perseverancia in Danli

Honduras coffee farm - Finca La Perseverancia

Check out this video showing how coffee pulp is removed during the last coffee harvest Honduras. The difficult and detailed process it takes to produce a great cup of coffee in Honduras.

Removing coffee pulp is a crucial step in the process of producing high-quality coffee, and as a coffee lover, I have always been fascinated by this process.

Coffee pulp is the outer layer of the coffee cherry that surrounds the coffee beans. After the coffee cherries are harvested, the pulp must be removed before the beans can be processed and roasted. This process is typically done using a machine called a pulper, which removes the pulp by squeezing the coffee cherries through a series of rollers.

While the pulping process may seem simple, it requires a lot of care and attention to ensure that the coffee beans are not damaged. If the beans are damaged during the pulping process, they may become unusable, which can be a significant loss for coffee farmers.

One of the things I find fascinating about the process of removing coffee pulp is how it affects the flavor of the coffee. Depending on the method used to remove the pulp, the coffee beans can take on different flavors and characteristics. For example, coffee that is processed using the natural method, which involves leaving the pulp on the beans to dry in the sun, often has a fruity, wine-like taste.

Overall, removing coffee pulp is an essential step in the production of high-quality coffee, and it requires a lot of care and attention to ensure that the beans are not damaged. The process can also have a significant impact on the flavor and characteristics of the coffee, which makes it a fascinating aspect of the coffee production process.

Contact me if you like to get this coffee and code with coffee. Coffee harvest Honduras happens twice a year. One full harvest and one ‘half or mini harvest’.

Specialty Coffee production at Danli, Honduras Finca Perseverancia
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