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Quillabamba coffee region in Peru pictures

Quillabamba region in Cusco Peru

Quillabamba is a coffee region about 4 hours away by car from Cusco. This coffee region is at the ‘ceja de selva’ means at the border of the jungle. I visited some coffee farms over there together with my friend Raul from Kaffee 3 Granos. Raul showed me the entire coffee process from harvesting to producing a great cup of specialty coffee.

See some of the pictures of Quillabamba’s night life to the beautiful landscapes this coffee region has.

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Manual Coffee Roasting at Home Using a Pot

Manual coffee roasting at home

Marley Coffee Coffee Fractional Pack, One Love, 18/Box

Roasting coffee on a pot at home
Roasting coffee on a pot

Manual coffee roasting can be useful when you don’t have a choice and you want to learn the coffee roasting process. You will need a real hot pot on about 360F and keep stirring the beans non-stop until you hear the ‘cracks’. The cracks usually start at about 10-15min depending on the coffee bean profile you’re trying.

Roasted coffee beans uneven roasted
Coffee beans roasted on a pot

As you can see the roasting of these beans did not come out even. This can be due to many reasons. The coffee bean size, temperature, how much did you stir the coffee beans, etc. Always pre-heat your cooking pot before you start the coffee roasting process at home.

After manual roasting coffee, let the coffee beans rest for about 1 day. Then grind them using your favorite coffee grinder and enjoy while coding with coffee or watching your favorite TV show.

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How to remove coffee pulp from cherries

How to remove coffee pulp

This was a magical experience when I visited this coffee farm in Quillabamba, Cusco in Peru. Watch the videos below where we used a rustic machine made in Peru to remove the coffee pulp from these juicy cherries.

This farm is located a 1800 MASL in Quellouno town which is part of the municipally city of Quillabamba. Quillabamba is a coffee region in Cusco and its located about 4-5 hours by car away from the main Cusco city. Let me know if you have any questions and/or if you like to get coffee from these farms.

Removing coffee pulp machine
Rustic machine to remove coffee pulp in Peru
Removing coffee pulp and sorting coffee beans
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Panama Coffee Farm at Chiriqui City

Panama coffee farm house in Chiriqui

Beautiful coffee farms in Chiriqui, Panama. This farm is located at the border of Costa Rica – Pura vida! Main coffee plant varieties include Caturra, Geisha and Typica. This Panama coffee farm has an incredible bio-diversity. I will be posting more images.

I will be posting more pictures during this week about coffee farms I have visited in Latin America. If you like you can grab the Panama coffee mug using the following link here. Perfect mug to take to work and code with coffee if you’re a developer.

Coffee production first sprang up in Panama in the early 1900s. At that time, though, there was wild coffee throughout the Pacific Ocean side of Panama. It was the Boquete Valley that stood up to lead the burgeoning industry. Pioneering arabica coffee, which the International Coffee Organization today recognizes as some of the highest quality in the world. Panama honey processed coffee is one of the preferred by many coffee lovers due to its caramel and dark chocolate notes.

Contact me if you like to get these pictures framed and sent to your home or business. More pictures of my friends coffee farm Finca Don Vicente coming soon.

Panama coffee farm
Coffee farm at Chiriqui
Chiriqui, Panama
Panama Coffee Mug
Coffee farm at Chiriqui, Panama

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Quillabamba Coffee Town in Cusco, Peru

Quillabamba coffee town

Quillabamba coffee town is an unexpected tropical getaway full of waterfalls, delicious coffee and cacao and fresh air. Located in the high jungle (ceja de selva) of the Cusco region. Quillabamba is also known as the city of eternal Summer/Spring for its year-round tropical climate.

Many of the regions that surround Quillabamba coffe town is Santa Ana, Idma, Echarati, Maranura, Quellouno and more amazing coffee regions. These coffee regions families own beautiful coffee farms.

Quillabamba daily life
On way to coffee production site
Carefully inspecting coffee quality at Kaffee 3 Granos in Quillabamba
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Panama Canal Videos During Summer Time

panama city on way to take panama canal videos

My visit to Panama was mainly to get to know more about the coffee farms in Chiriqui. I took a break and went by public bus to take some videos of this great architecture the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Boat crossing over

During my stay in the modern Panama City I was able to experience the high rise buildings all over the downtown area. I even tried the an expensive cup of Geisha coffee.

Panama Canal Small Boat Crossing

I have never experience this type of engineering design. This is the original canal, but there is a bigger one on the far back of this Panama canal videos. I saw huge cargo ships passing by. These cargo ships passing the Panama Canal were the size of a 15 floor building. It looked like a moving city.

Panama Canal Two Boats Crossing
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Quellouno Coffee Farm Videos in Cusco Peru

quellouno coffee farm cocotu

This coffee farm in Quellouno is about 1800 MASL. It was difficult to adapt to the altitude this early in the morning. Some got altitude sickness ‘Soroche’. This is a common experience from rapid transitions from low to high altitude without taking time to acclimate. We started chewing coca leaves to help us. It works! My friend Raul from Kaffee 3 Granos couldn’t handle it even though he lives in a nearby town Quillabamba.

Removing coffee pulp from coffee cherries

The coffee farm is surrounded by other trees such as bananas, pears and many more typical fruit plants from the region. We got the chance to walk to other coffee farms located in the region. I will post more pictures about this experience very soon.

Sorting coffee beans in Quellouno, Peru

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Sorting Coffee Beans Manually at Coffee Farm Idma Peru

Sorting Coffee Beans Manually Idma Peru
Sorting Coffee Beans Manually at Idma, Peru

Specialty coffee takes hard work to produce. Sorting coffee beans manually is an intense work if you really want to the right coffee beans for later roasting. Sometimes people complaint about the price of a great coffee bag. Watch this video to learn about the production of small specialty coffee in Latin America batches.

The average coffee drinker doesn’t know where coffee comes from or how it gets produced. Watch this video to understand part of the specialty coffee production. These coffee beans have been already laid to dry on ‘African beds’ to naturally dry under the sun.

Next time you pay for a good cup of coffee either to walk around at your favorite city or to code with coffee think about long work it takes to produce it. I will show you more videos of coffee farms in Latin America.