harvesting coffee at La Convencionkaffee3granoscoffee tree cherries
harvesting coffee at La Convencionkaffee3granoscoffee tree cherries

Kaffee 3 Granos

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Kafee 3 Granos is the result of a finely selected blend of select grains. Fine acidity, unique aroma and great balance. From Quillabamba Cusco, Peru.

Chocolate, Walnuts, Lemon Beebrush

Package size
225g / Whole beans
Roast type
Medium and Medium dark
2,220 meters above sea level

Cultivated, harvested ecologically and socially in a responsible manner. Santa Rosa, Alto Pabellon, Santa Ana (Idma), and so on are part of this great high altitude coffee valley of La Convencion in Cusco, Peru. Kaffee 3 Granos is processed, roasted and packed carefully at origin. 100% Quillabamba origin.

Kaffee 3 Granos has an intense coffee aroma accentuating in the preparation, in the bottom of cup, body or soft bitterness in the middle. Kaffee 3 Granos is a coffee cultivated in high altitude without chemical fertilizers, that is to say, cultivation has not intervened neither fungicides nor insecticides.

Weight225 g

Quellouno single origin, Maranura single origin, Santa Ana Idma single origin, Cochapampa single origin, Caracolillo, Blend of blends (Single origin blend), Premium

1 review

  1. 5 out of 5

    Good medium body coffee. Nutty aroma yet tastes very fruity. Fresh after taste is plus.

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